Wells International School – Bang Na is located on a spacious portion of land on Srinakarin 62, near the Bang Na-Trad Expressway and major locations such as Paradise Park and Seacon Square. Like its sister campuses at On Nut and Thong Lor, the Bang Na campus is designed with both beauty and practicality in mind, and its facilities have been fully examined and certified to be safe for young children. Parents and visitors can make an appointment to tour the campus at any time, and can park in the underground lot beneath the school.

Twelve classrooms are located around a central court, covered by a protective roof to prevent rain or pollution from entering the building. Each room is designed to be attractive, spacious and practical, providing children the space to move around and explore.  Standard furnishings and equipment include air conditioners, age-appropriate furniture, and multiple storage areas, all of which are designed with student safety in mind.

Beyond the standard classrooms, the campus also features a library, computer lab, swimming pool, cafeteria, and music and dance studio. All are equipped with safety precautions and are designed with young learners’ needs in mind. To encourage students to develop a love of school, multiple play areas are spread across the campus, including an outdoor playground with a play set, swings and other child-friendly equipment.

Like its sister campuses, Bang Na’s design ensures that young children have easy access to all locations without walking long distances, and assigned staff members monitor them at all times to ensure their safety. Drinking water is available around the campus, and students receive morning snacks in addition to their lunches. All food is freshly prepared and is closely monitored to ensure high standards of quality and nutrition.

Library – Well stocked library and children have daily access to the library.  Children as well as parents are allowed to check out the books.

Playground – Our outdoor playground is covered, allowing the students to comfortably play without worrying about the heat and rain.  There is a sand play and water play area, slides and swings.

Other common facilities include the Art room, Music room, Computer lab, cafeteria and soft gym.

Soft Gym – our Traditional soft gym allows the children to play in a safe and clean environment while providing opportunities for the toddlers to explore, socialize, jump, climb, relax and have fun.  Equipment includes a ball pool, tunnels, ramps, and ride-ons.